Everything Ergonomic? Confused!

Confused about what is ergonomic and what’s not? Well you’re not alone! these days every chair, desk and mouse seems to be ergonomic. So what is it? Well, ergonomic by definition is something made to interact with the human body, so everything is ergonomic, right?

The modern interpretation of ‘ergonomic’ is somewhat different, especially to people in the know. Health professionals over the world have defined ergonomic products as ones that prevent prolonged poor posture. And it is important to focus on both aspects of that statement, ‘Prolonged’ and ‘Poor’.

Creating a good posture starts with understanding the physical demands of work. One single posture is never going to be right for all aspects of someone ‘s job. So  understanding what the primary tasks are, and what posture suits these is vital. 

There are however some basic tips that suit most tasks, including sitting as tall as possible, but as a minimum to have hips higher than the knees. Sitting at a height where the elbows are higher than the desk and ensuring the most used items are close to your midline, such as keyboard and mouse.

HÅG Creed headrest interior
HÅG Creed headrest interior

The second aspect, and in our opinion more important, is movement and change in posture. Whether it is is your chair that allows you to lean back and forward, or a sit stand desk, which facilitates you standing. Movement is a vital aspect of achieving good ergonomic outcomes.

It is key to remember that the human body has evolved over 1000’s of years to hunt, gather and basically move all day long. By adding variety in your seated work, we can help prevent injuries and pain due to sedentary working.

At DanPro, we have inhouse Occupational Therapists, who can evaluate, advise and help to plan an ergonomic office space, no matter how your organisation works. Whether through agile working, or a more desk based environment, have a professional provide you with input on how to create an environment that supports the workforce, with comfortable and healthy furniture.


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